Embracing the Community: Why Local Matters.

Embracing the Community: Why Local Matters.

Your purchasing decisions matter and they matter more than you think.  Apart from the novelty of shopping local and small, here are some pretty good reasons why supporting small and local matters.
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In the bustling rhythm of our busy lives, it's easy to get swept away by the convenience of large retailers and online shopping giants, who are able to offer unbeatable discounts.  

While these options offer unmatched accessibility, local small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities, and supporting them is crucial for fostering a vibrant and sustainable society.

So if you ever wonder why supporting local matters, below are just a few reasons. 

Stimulate Local Economy

Keeping your spending local and within small businesses means you cycle the money back into your community.  The tax revenue made through sales from local businesses support your local government which is then reinvested into the community. Large corporations and retailers often receive tax breaks from the government where small local businesses don’t.  Which means everytime you purchase something from a large chained retailer, your local community won’t reap any of the benefits.

Create More Jobs

Small businesses help push economic growth and the local economy by providing employment opportunities locally.  

Give Back to the Local Community 

Small businesses often keep their passion and interests local, meaning they are bigger players in supporting local community charities and causes than their much larger counterparts.  When the community supports small businesses, owners are often engaged members of the community; therefore creating a positive cycle of giving back locally.  When you support a local business, you invest in your community's prosperity.

Minimizing the Carbon Footprint

Smaller, local businesses often have a smaller carbon footprint compared to large corporations. They tend to source their products locally when possible, reducing transportation emissions. Additionally, they are more likely to implement sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly packaging and reducing waste. By supporting local businesses, you contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Better Customer Service

Local small business owners value each of their customers and their very livelihood depends on your satisfaction of your purchases and full experience; therefore every purchase, deal and review matters.  Owners really take the time to get to know and learn about their clients and customers so every experience is personal and pleasant.  Also if you do have an issue with a purchase, local businesses can adapt quickly to customer feedback and you won’t be hashing it out with a robot or an overseas call centre awaiting a lengthy solution.

Nurture Innovation and Growth

Local businesses are often the breeding grounds for innovation, when you support local you also support the community’s innovative minds and the growth of these small startups and businesses.  You’re helping give the small guys an opportunity to share their creative ideas with you and  to the public.  By supporting these businesses, you encourage creativity and entrepreneurship.

Support the Dream

Small business owners have a dream and are actively pursuing them. Supporting small businesses and shopping local, you are actively and directly supporting real, genuine people who have put their passion ahead of convenience and who have whole-heartedly believe in the business they are running.

In our fast-paced world, it's crucial to recognize the invaluable contributions of local small businesses. By choosing to support them, we enrich our communities, preserve our cultural heritage, and promote economic stability. Each purchase made at a local store is a vote for a diverse, vibrant, and prosperous community. So, the next time you need a product or service, consider exploring the businesses in your neighborhood. Together, we can build a future where local enterprises thrive, making our communities better places to live, work, and thrive.