About Us

It all starts with the <i>base layer.</i>

our mission

Empowering women to embrace their base.

At BaseLayer, we believe that we’re all born with a flawless foundation. Our community welcomes all and isn’t ashamed to embrace all shapes and sizes of ourselves. We make rifts and shift the current.

In an industry where more or less is better, we believe that what we’ve got is enough. It all starts with a thought, as we accept ourselves for who we are, we are able to see our full potential and take action.

We do not conform, we may be small but we make an impact. We dream big and make big changes. We are inspired by what truly matters, feeling like the baddies that we are, regardless of our size.

The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you, except yourself.


behind baselayer

Meet <i>Cathy.</i>

Throughout my life, I have felt the pressure of needing a larger bust. Coming from a background in bikini fitness competition, where a balanced hourglass shape is important for better grading, coaches often pushed competitors to get breast implants. Thankfully, my coach came from a holistic background and discouraged me to do so. This is one of the many times in my life that I have felt pressured to change my chest size. BaseLayer is my way of challenging the status quo. I am committed to creating a product and brand that up-lifts literally and figuratively, each member of the itty bitty titty committee.

BaseLayer was born out of the pandemic, when I lived in sports bras and ditched my underwear. Sports bras are great, but they are too tight, making them uncomfortable over time, and more flattening than flattering. I created BaseLayer, an extremely comfortable line of bras that flattered my shape and provided some much-needed versatility.


The baselayer community

Our community is the heart of our brand. From our featured customers, to the stories we’ve shared, we know the importance of connection and the visibility it brings. Feeling supported is our middle name.

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