7 Ways How our Basics are Made with You in Mind.

7 Ways How our Basics are Made with You in Mind.

It took us over a year to develop something we believe is amazing. Don’t let the cover fool you, we aren’t your average athleisure brand, we are MORE than that!  Read on to see how we are here to level up your basics game. 

1. Our Fabric Moves with You.

Our fabrics are carefully and consciously sourced with 4 way stretch to help you bend and stretch every way that you do everyday, giving you maximum comfort in all of your days’ activities.  

2. No Hardware and Sleek Styles. 

Mindfully designed without any uncomfortable hardware including clasps, underwire and buckles to ensure the best all day wear and the most versatile styles that allow you to wear our basics inside and out to town!  

3. Luxe, Supple and Made to Last. 

Soft and supple against the skin without compromising on durability, our quality fabric is carefully crafted to withstand the test of time.  

4. Moisture Wicking and Odor Repelling.

Our fabric keeps you dry and cool when you need it most, while multitasking it as hard as you do by keeping odors at bay. 

5. Just Easy to Care For. 

Our fabric is easier to care for than a Chia Pet.  Throw your sets into the washer and HANG to dry (literally takes about an hour to air dry) - that’s all to it.  Because who has time for this “hand wash” business anyways. 

6. Compact and Easy to Store.

Cramming 5 of our bra tops and the optional supportive pads, will take less space than 5 traditional bras in your suitcase or dresser any day. 

7. Support on Your Terms. 

The ONLY bra top on the market that has “shaping” and “supportive” padding available on your terms!  Use them or ditch them - you’re the boss.