3 Reasons why Sustainable Fashion Matters

3 Reasons why Sustainable Fashion Matters

Breaking down the truth behind fast fashion and it’s harmful effects on our environment.  Here is why sustainable fashion matters.  Buy less, choose wisely and wear often.

Fast Fashion Relies on Exploiting it’s People

The ugly truth behind fashion involves many human rights abuses. The fast fashion business model requires a high volume of clothing to be produced quickly at a low cost.

96% of major fashion brands don’t disclose the number of workers in their supply chain that earn a living wage.

Overproduction and Low Quality Harms the Environment 

100 billion garments are produced every year. Fast fashion plays a volume game. By producing a lot of cheap clothing, they encourage customers to shop often, but, 20% of items go unsold.

When brands overproduce, they have to deal with the excess. Often this is dealt with by destroying inventory or shipping off the excess to be dealt with in other countries often ending up in landfill.

Low quality fashion also means a shorter life span for these items. While worn for a short period of time, they are often discarded into our local landfills once they start to fall apart or it’s styles are no longer on trend. 


Sustainable Fashion Reduces Our Resource Use and Saves Water

The fashion industry is resource and water intensive. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt take 5,000 gallons of water to produce. Textile dyeing and production is also polluting our waterways. Clothing factories dump toxic wastewater full of chemicals into nearby rivers.